Creating A Concrete Pool Deck

There are many features that can make swimming more beautiful and functional. They include fountains, waterfalls, spas, etc. Perhaps the most indispensable of all these features is a Deck. While the water may be the most important thing, you won’t always be inside it. A pool deck gives you the outdoor space you need around your pool to lounge and enjoy the ambient surroundings. There are multiple materials that can be used to build a pool deck. These include stones, pavers, wood, and of course, concrete.

A concrete deck is commonly used for in-ground pools, or anyone installed below ground level. This type of deck is economical as it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a wooden deck, and it is more durable and water-resistant. You can build a concrete deck yourself or call a concrete contractor for the job. If you are thinking of building one yourself, we have outlined the steps below.


The first step to creating a deck is to measure out the area. First, you should measure the pool’s perimeter, which will serve as your deck’s inside boundary. Then measure the outside perimeter that will determine the size of the deck. You also have to determine the thickness of the deck. The normal thickness is around 5-6 inches. Correct measurement will help you get the exact amount of materials you will need for the deck.

Build and Lay the Frame:

Your measurement will also determine how you build your frame. The frame is where you will pour the concrete in, so you have to build it with material strong enough to withstand the pressure. Wood is usually the material used. When building your frame, ensure that you include planned breaks in the frame, i.e., concrete areas don’t join one another, like sidewalks. You should build the exterior perimeter frame first before building the interior.

Pour The Concrete:

Before pouring the concrete, you should first layer the ground with sand. You should be careful when doing this to ensure that sand doesn’t get into your pool. Once you have done that, pour the concrete and spread it. You must make sure that the whole frame is filled and there are no gaps. Hit the frame’s sides to remove air bubbles and fill up the frame while also leveling it.

Finish The Concrete:

Once you have poured the concrete and leveled it. It is time to finish it in the right texture to prevent water from entering it and people from slipping when they walk on it. The simplest way to make it slip-resistant is to use a broom to gently sweep over the surface so that it can have enough friction. You should also seal off the concrete with sealants because concrete is naturally porous, and water entering it will spoil it.  Once it has properly cured, you can remove the wood frame. One of the major advantages of concrete is how versatile it can be when it comes to design, so you can always finish your concrete deck in other ways.


In straightforward steps, you can create your concrete pool deck and have a great time with friends and family in the pool environment.