How to Get a Concrete License in Midland, Texas?

One of the fundamental steps to becoming a concrete contractor is securing a license. Becoming a concrete contractor is something that takes years of training and practice to master.  The only to show this mastery is with a license. A concrete contractor is a trained specialist who can carry out any concrete related tasks efficiently using his expertise. While homeowners may have different ideas about what they want, it is the job of a contractor to translate all these ideas into a concrete structure.  

For a homeowner, a license is the first clue to the professionalism of the concrete contractor. Without it, the contractor could as well be anybody. Homeowners are advised to use only a licensed worker for their home projects because that is the only way to guarantee quality. A concrete contractor is expected to have a complete understanding of each project he encounters regardless of its complexity. They are fully aware of the problems that could arise in executing a project and know exactly how to nip such a problem in the bud before it becomes a more serious issue.

Becoming A Concrete Contractor in Midland, Texas.

The state of Texas does not have a general license for contractors. It caters only to HVAC services, plumbers, and electricians. This means that as a concrete contractor, you don’t need a state license, and you won’t have to take an exam before you can practice your trade. If that looks like great news for you, don’t rejoice too fast. Each county or municipality has its own rules guarding permits and licenses, especially for areas not covered by the state. Thus, you have to check what obtains within your city in terms of building permits and licenses. 

Becoming a concrete contractor in Midland, Texas, is quite simple. All you have to do is fill an application form, which can be found on the official website. The application form requires only basic details about the person applying. Perhaps the most significant part of the application form is insurance. You are expected to include the name of your insurance carrier in the form. Thus, for anyone to get a concrete license in Midland, Texas, they must have insurance. This is essentially considering the risks associated with construction. However, where certain exceptions apply to you, you are also expected to fill it out.  


Upon submitting your application form, you are expected to pay $15 for your registrations while also attaching a copy of your license to the application.

Getting A Concrete License in Midland

The criteria for getting a concrete license in Midland, Texas, are handled by the Building Department, the government agency in charge of construction. For anyone to get a concrete license, such a person must be at least 18 years of age and have experience for a certain number of years in the trades for which such person is seeking a license. Proving this experience is through to the effect of the assertion regarding the experience.


The essence of a license is that it gives the contractor the freedom to operate. This license is attached to the application for registration with the Building Department, and without this registration, a concrete contractor cannot get permits to carry out any project. Contact Concrete Midland Texas for more information.